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Reasons to Join

Why should you join:

As a chamber member you will appear to potential clients more reputable, customer friendly and ethical than non-members.
  • Members benefit Financially through association

  • You will enhance the public's perception of your company

  • The company you keep is extremely important. Associating, partnering and networking with creditable companies increases a businesses

The Chamber of Commerce provides an inexpensive means for the business community to advertise and network, while by giving them an opportunity to meet potential new customers and get involved positively in the community.

We provide our members plenty of opportunities to meet local politicians to stay on top of local and state business issues and address their concerns and provide a chance to take our members with us all the way to our states annual walk to Washington D.C.
  • Businesses that are involved with the Chamber of Commerce increase their influential presences in the community.

  • Small businesses that are part of an Organization such as The Greater Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce gain the advantage of

    • Growth by networking

    • Visibility by being involved in the community and thus learning how to better serve the needs of their customers

    • Professional development

    • Consumer & public creditability

    • Advocacy

    • Savings

  • The Chamber of Commerce empowers and unifies small businesses and helps large businesses appear more community friendly.