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Certificate of Origin

The Greater Elizabeth Chamber Of Commerce, through a partnership with the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce, offers electronically chamber-stamped Certificate of Origin and export-related documents.

Certificate of Origin ICC

Whats In It For You?

  • All certification staff is accredited by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) World Chambers Federation
  • AWTCC seal is recognized and accepted by customs worldwide
  • Ensures you have taken all steps to comply with rules, regulations, and international industry best practices
  • Helps you achieve objectives in terms of quality, cost, scheduling, performance
  • Ensures your transactions are secure with a security background on completed certificates and secure web-based application
  • Reduces shipment delays due to incomplete documentation
  • Online certification saves on couriers, travel, postage, parking fees
  • Engineered to prevent common errors with repetitive applications—perfect for high volume users
  • Video tutorials, online help, certification help, phone, and email support
  • The system is SaaS (Software as a Service) model—only pay for services used
  • All applications are stored online with an audit trail, fully searchable database, and attachments
  • Downloadable, detailed management Excel/PDF Reports
  • Verify certificate authenticity online at

Please contact Laurie Paolella, our Executive Services Administrator at, or call 908-355-7600. We will assist you in reviewing cost and payment options as well as get you set up in the system.

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